The Relationship Between Session Money and Stake

Your session money and your stake (bankroll) are directly linked: Session money should always be a minimum of 40 times x, with x equaling your base betting unit or the table minimum (they could be different). Let’s say .x equals S5; therefore your session money is $200 (40 x 5). For a minimum of three sessions, your stake or bankroll should equal 3 x $200 or $600 in total. You should have the entire $600 on you before walking into the casino.

Preferably you should have no ATM or debit cards with you! You should always take a minimum of three sessions’ worth of money with you to the casino in the event you lose the first session’s stake and you still feel good about playing and want to continue. The following pages list a sampling of some strategies you might use.

Remember the minute you win eighteen to twenty units (discussed later) or have played eighty minutes, whichever comes first, then leave the table! Now there’s a variation to that we’ll be covering later on in this chapter. How did we arrive at the 18/80 rule? It’s pretty easy, actually. It’s based on a rate of deals in an hour, usually about 120 if it’s just you and another player, and an earning rate of about .65 units per hand, multiply by an estimate of 140 hands-voila, you’ll have close to 18 units in approximately 80 minutes on average.

Remember, this advice is for a recreational player not a professional one. A professional plays by different rules; we’re sticking with advice that helps the serious recreational player.

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