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Many casinos, online or land-based, are in an incessant struggle to draw new players and at the same time to keep old assets. Traditional land-based casino draw players in many ways – they offer free rooms, cheap buffets, show tickets, and especially cash rewards.

On the other hand, online casinos are not widely speaking to have similar luxury of wide variety as their counterparts in land-based. Online the game does not offer any free foods or free ticket for shows. The primary strength to fascinate and keep old players is the incentives of money. And these are quite many in online casinos.

Different incentives online: 1) Sign-up bonus after a new sign-up of the player to a casino website he can receive a bonus. But before you decide to play at any online casino make sure that you read all the restrictions.

2) Loyalty Heedless program of the deposit bonus amount, it is only a matter of time until the water runs dry and it is time for the player to consolidate his account. Loyalty programs take many forms, but usually have two categories: the previous game and the additional deposits.

3) Rewards for adding players from deposits can be awarded with incentives when they put in additional deposits. This power starts at the beginning of each month, and it depends on the size of the deposit the player has made.

4) The phosphorus bonus match bonus is the most common of all. These rewards are given to players with money comps that are the same value of the initial deposit size each month.

5) The percentage bonus as previously discussed, online casinos often provide new players with premiums that are based on a percentage of their first deposit. Most casinos now provide this kind of bonus to players who return too. The players’ reward is based on the new initial deposit each month.

6) Rewards for gambling not like deposit bonuses, most casino comps are based on your past game, instead of on actual deposit. These are two important programs of loyalty of this nature, that involves cash return programs and clubs for players.

7) Back cash programs instead of just giving bonuses to players with single deposit, some aggressive sites have improved cash return, or back cash programs, that give back a portion of the player’s total losses during last month.

8) The player’s club This is the same as the comps programs that are found in most traditional casinos. The online player’s club grants players the points for their game. This is based on a specific amount of money wagered on the casino. Over time, the whole points accumulate in the player’s account, and if they reach a few points they can exchange these points for cash.

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