The odds that you face when playing Keno

If you are the type of player who wants to know what odds you might or will be facing before joining any game or making any decision, we congratulate you because that is obviously a very sensitive habit to have play. And the gentleman knows that not all players can be classified as sensitive!


At the same time, however, we urge you not to rely too much onĀ  novolinespiele probabilities and statistics in general because even the finest mathematicians know and understand that there is always that infinitesimal chance that something against the natural order of things could happen. It is impossible however to know when the unexpected would happen of course.


Therefore, the list of statistics and random odds over the game keno that we have compiled in this article should not be the complete basis of your game strategy (if you have one, that is). Be like Walt Disney and have a little faith in the magical side of things and if your instincts are trying to tell you that something going against the grain, maybe, just maybe, it would be worth listening from time to time because again the – Do you know what would happen in the future?


But enough about that and let us proceed with the odds.


The odds of a five-point ticket- the odds for this type of ticket are enough in demand so we have decided to include in this article. Generally, online sites allow you to choose from the following options: choose 1, choose 5 or 10 selection. And based on the claims most review sites get, pay 5 is a popular choice among players of the I said no.


So here are some profitability ratios that you could expect with a five point keno ticket: ?? ? ?? 3 ?? 5, ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? 3: 1. If 4 out of the 5 numbers you have selected are called, the casino will actually pay you 26: 1. And if the 5 numbers turn out to be the winning digits for that particular game of keno, you can count on happy 332: 1 profit!


The straight ticket probabilities if you choose less than 4 keno numbers, any money you receive is not worth the 30% half cut that the casinos take.


If you play an 8 point keno ticket however, the odds that you are facing are estimated to be at 230,115 to 1.


And if you are going for the kill with a 15 point keno ticket, you are looking at a ratio of profitability of approximately 428 BILLION TO ONE.But do not let those numbers hinder you from playing. Who knows, it just might be your lucky day, right? So have fun playing!

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